Additional Lobbyist
Summary of Compensation and Reimbursed Expenses (reporting period only)
Reimbursed Expenses:
Lobbying Expenses (reporting period only)
A. Aggregate expenses less or equal to $75:                                  
B. Aggregate expenses for salaried of non-lobbying employees:  
C. Itemized lobbying expenses:                                                       
D. Total Expenses (A+B+C):                                                        
Subjects on which you lobbied
Person, State Agency, Municipality or Legislative Body lobbied
Bill, Rule, Regulation, Rate Number or brief description relative to the introduction or intended introduction of legislation or a resolution on which you lobbied
Title and Identifying # of procurement contracts and documents on which you expect to lobby
Number or Subject Matter of Executive Order of Governor/Municipality on which you expect to lobby
Subject Matter of and Tribes involved in tribal-state compacts, etc on which you expect to lobby