Contract / Authorization Viewing Help

Some of the contract/authorizations are scanned into a Tif image format. It is possible your computer is not properly handling Tif files. Tif files will have a .tif extension. Possible solutions are:

   A. QuickTime: If you have installed the Apple QuickTime multimedia program, it registers itself to view Tif files and then can not do so, or only views the first page. Uninstall QuickTime.

   B. If you want to download the images to your computer, the best viewer comes free with all versions of Windows. It normally installs with Windows, but you can find it in the Windows subdirectory or in the Programs subdirectory under Accessories. It will either be called Imaging, Kodakimg or Wangimg. When asked for a program to view a Tif file that does not have a viewer associated with it, browse for Kodakimg, Wangimg, or Imaging and launch the program.

   C. It is also possible that another program, like QuickTime, has incorrectly registered itself to view Tif images. To view the file, follow these steps in Windows: In your web browser, right-click on the contract/description name, and choose 'Save Target As...' in Internet Explorer or 'Save Link As...' in Netscape Navigator and choose a location to download the file to. Locate the downloaded Tif file on your computer using Windows Explorer. Right click on the file in WIndows Explorer (shift + right click on older versions of Windows) and choose "Open With". Browse through the applications and choose the Imaging, Kodakimg or Wangimg default Windows image viewer. After following these steps once, future contract/authorizations may be opened correctly by just clicking on the description in the browser.